Leotards For Women

The Leotard was basically invented in the year 1880 by Jules Leotard who was a French acrobat who used to fly trapeze by way of stringing certain swings over a swimming pool possessed by his father. A leotard is basically a one piece skin tight garment that is unisexual and it helps in covering the torso and leaves both the legs completely free to be able to carry out a number of different actions. Leotards are generally worn by gymnasts, figure skaters, dancers, acrobats, actors, circus performers and athletes both in the form of performance costumes and practice garments. Women generally wear these leotards with tights and ballet skirts on the top and sometimes they are also worn in the form of underwear and bike shorts. There are different types of leotards available in the market and they include short-sleeved, long-sleeved and sleeveless leotards.

Leotards For WomenLeotard is a causal garment that can easily be worn with a stylish belt and at the same time it can also be worn under short skirts and overalls. Leotards are basically worn through the neckline which is very different from body suits that consist of snaps close to the crotch so that the garment can be pulled over the head of an individual. There are scoop-necked leotards that possess wide openings at the neck and these openings are easily held in perfect place by the elastic quality of the garment. There are other leotards namely polo-necked and crew necked that can be closed from the back by the use of a zipper.

Uses of Leotards

Leotards are considered to be of great use for women. Before looking into the advantages that leotards can have for women, it is important to have a clear idea about the places or the situations where leotards can serve to be of great use. Leotards are used for different purpose that include cardiovascular exercise, ballet dance, yoga, casual wear, recreational wear and they are also used in the form of pajamas to be worn under clothing for warmth. Leotards can also be used for children in the form of playing outfits and can even be worn in the form of a top. Leotards are most commonly worn in modern dance, figure skating and gymnastics by young children

Advantages of Leotards for Women

Leotards serve to be of great advantage for women in a series of ways. Leotards are breathable and they are also very light because of which women can easily wear them for any purpose. Leotards are great for women athletes and women can professionally use leotards in dancing, exercise and theater. Women can also use leotards as under-clothing garments for the safety and the less exposure of their private parts in terms of a wardrobe malfunction. Leotards have now become a standard for women to wear them under their clothing as casual wear and even in the form of tights. Women can easily wear a leotard without wearing underwear as leotards are cut very high above the waistline and the hip. There are many competitions where points are deducted for the show of underwear and therefore for such competitions leotards can serve to be very useful for women. The body parts of women tend to be very soft and delicate and therefore they require proper clothing for safety and also for avoiding any circumstances of a mishap. This is the reason why leotards are recommended for women because of the fact that they are light to carry and at the same time they are also very comfortable. Women acrobats, gymnasts and athletes are majorly found using leotards so that they can move in a comfortable manner and can use their legs for carrying out various actions. It is always ideal for women to go for the choice of all types of leotards namely sleeveless, full-sleeved and half-sleeved because such types of leotards helps in managing the position of the body and they also make for comfortable clothing. Leotards have held great market in the recent times and they are found to be available in different price ranges.